Sea Dance Nursery
City: Long Beach, WA,
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About Us
SeaDanceRanch is a 60 acre farm located between Loomis Lake and the Pacific ocean between Long Beach and Klipsan Beach and less than 25 miles from the North Coast Food Web. We raise St. Croix sheep, Muscovy ducks and Pacific Northwest native or coast adapted plants. Our sheep and ducks are pasture raised. We were one of the last locations that the endangered Oregon Silverspot Butterfly was seen on the Long Beach Peninsula before it became locally extinct around 1990. We are in the process of restoring the habitat for the Silverspot butterfly by planting and propagating its caterpillar host plant, Viola adunca or early blue violet, and providing nectaring species for the adult butterflies including pearly everlasting, yarrow and goldenrod. We are not quite 100% organic yet as we are using some herbicides to control the invasive American and European Beach grass but we do not use any pesticides and we fertilize predominantly with aged horse manure and compost. Our nursery raises most plants from seeds or cuttings. We have more than 200 species native to the Oregon and Washington Coast, Willamette Valley and Siskyou range available so please contact us with requests if you do not see a native shrub or perennial that you are interested in. We offer contract propagation for habitat restoration work. We specialize in Native Trilliums, Frittilaria, Lillies, Erythronium and ground orchids. Our nursery is not open to the public but we do offer private tours.
Our animals are all free range. Our plants are raised in a locally produced mix of compost, aged horse manure and sand. We recycle plastic pots and purchase most supplies used or second hand. Most of our packaging is second hand. We compost everything organic. We believe in reduce, reuse and recycle.