Beck's Greens
Contact: Beck Blasko
City: Long Beach, WA, 98631
Phone: 570-250-9989
About Us
Beck grew up in the farm country of Pennsylvania where her family grew most of their own food. Every summer, she would travel to her grandpa’s strawberry farm where she helped out for a few weeks in the fields. Now Beck and her husband enjoy growing their own food at their home on the bay in Long Beach, WA. Beck first started growing microgreens with Pink Poppy Farms and now independently grows for local restaurants and the coop. When she’s not in the garden she can be found hiking with her husband and two dogs, and tending to her ever-multiplying houseplants which she hopes to sell in the future.
Located about 20 miles from the North Coast Food Web. All microgreens are grown with organic seeds. We use fertilizer and chemical free soil and harvest on average about 10 days after sowing. Microgreens are grown indoors year-round.