Necanicum Fresh Farm
City: Seaside, OR, 97138
About Us
Necanicum Fresh Farm was started in 2018 and went fulltime in 2019. Our farm is located just outside of Seaside on Highway 26 and only 25 miles from the North Coast Food Web. We have lived there for many years and have used organic methods to grow food for ourselves. We are very thankful that we are able to have a farm to share the wonderful vegetables we grow to our local community members.

Our LOCALLY grown vegetables are harvested as close to the date of delivery as possible. You will be thrilled with the freshness and taste of our vegetables. I have had comments that our lettuce is the only one men will eat and our tomatoes are so delicious you will not want to buy them at the store anymore. Our cucumbers are so crisp and mouth watering along with all of our vegetables we grow.

We are offering vegetable starts that are grown all organically and offered at the right time for our area to be planted out. This allows our customers to grow the food they want to grow and know that they are planting at the correct time and not have crop failure due to weather complications. We will answer any questions about the plants we provide and planting information for your area.

We became bee keepers in 2016 which started our path to farming LOCALLY grown vegetables. With owning beehives, we have to be especially sensitive to any sprays like pesticides or herbicides and use minimal organic applications, (example: hydrogen peroxide for powdery mildew), along with cultural methods like insect netting, crop rotation and beneficial insects to control any insect and disease pressure that could harm the crops.

Our focus is on an organic/natural method of growing food. We are not certified organic due to the cost and time needed to become certified. Please know that we follow the organic guidelines and go beyond as we are a no dig system. This allows the beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and soil microbs help supply the vegetables we grow the nutrients they need to make them have as nutritious they can take up. The soil is the key to having a healthy crop. Our fertilizers are all from organic sources.