Barrick Family Homestead
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About Us
Welcome to our Homestead! We are three generations, working and playing together on our little chunk of paradise here in Astoria Oregon. As a family, we find much satisfaction in raising, growing and gathering our own food. Our desire is to become as self sufficient as possible, and to know that we are not only providing the very best for our family, but are also being good stewards of our animals and land. Although our main goal is providing for our 3 families, we also try to produce a little extra that we hope to offer to our community, so that others can have access to some of this amazingness too!!

We raise chickens for eggs and meat here on our property. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy chickens that will feed our families throughout the year. While our egg chickens are mostly free range, our meat chickens we keep in several chicken tractors around our pastures. We move these shelters daily to fresh grass. This keeps the chickens safe from predators, and still gives all our chickens access to fresh grass and bugs daily. In addition to what the chickens forge on their own, we feed our chickens a local non gmo feed from Mosaic Farms, that is soy and corn free.