Pacific Tuna Products
Contact: Captain Bill Rehmke
City: Chinook, WA, 98614
About Us
At Pacific Tuna Products we catch our Tuna using only proven sustainable methods that were implemented over 75 years ago. This is the only fishery we participate in because we feel good about it! Our fish are pulled in by hand or by pole one at a time. After landing on the boat, the fish are bled and immediately placed in a Blast freezer which holds a temperature of - 40 degrees. Typically, we stay offshore up to a month at a time. Sometimes going offshore as far as 1000 miles. 95% of our fish are sold to the wholesale sushi market, the other 5% we have canned in small batches at a local cannery. Our primary goal is to deliver a premium product to local consumers, and for that customer to easily trace the origin of this fantastic Tuna! Thanks for the business!
Local fishers only 10 miles from the North Coast Food Web.