North Fork 53
Address: 77282 HWY 53 Nehalem, OR, 97131
About Us
We are a small, specialized, farmer owned-and-operated business. We grow using organic methods with an emphasis on biodiversity and pollinator habitat creation. We harvest by hand and drying them inside our barn without exposing them to sunlight for optimal freshness and nutrient retention. We operate a year round tea and wellness center on the north Oregon coast in Nehalem.

We offer wellness services on our farm including massage therapy and a wood fired sauna as well as seasonal tea tastings and tours. We hand grow herbs for our tea blends for the best possible quality, taste and health benefits. Our 2021 dried harvest goes into our 2022 blends and make the perfect gift for your favorite tea lover- and for yourself to enjoy all year long!
Located less than 50 miles from the North Coast Food Web.