Food Bank Local Food Fund
City: Warrenton, OR, 97146
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About Us
Help North Coast Food Web send local food to the CCA Warrenton Regional Food Bank!

With your contribution we will purchase local food from our vendors to donate to the CCA Regional Food Bank in Warrenton. Your dollars go directly to the purchase of food from our vendors. This is a win-win for our economy: local small business vendors get paid the full value for their food, and folks who access food pantries get top quality local foods.

The CCA Regional Food Bank in Warrenton is our local hub for food access - they receive, organize, and distribute tons of food across Clatsop County.

We will send a local food donation to the Food Bank at least once a month, depending on how quickly this fund fills up and availability of products. We will report out the total sales and what we were able to purchase and post them on our social media and email newsletters.
$5 is enough to purchase 1-2 pieces of fresh produce

$10 is enough to purchase 3-5 pieces of fresh produce, or 2 jars of jam

$20 is enough to purchase 6-10 pieces of fresh produce or 4 jars of locally made jam