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Low Tide Farms
Contact: Brenda Vassau and Kathleen Russell
Address: 78579 Point Adams Rd Clatskanie, OR, 97016
Phone: 206-778-1677
About Us
We are a woman-owned farm, raising Heritage Breed pastured pigs, along the Columbia River in Clatskanie, OR.

We care about our community. We are proud of raising happy, healthy animals and providing them to you, and your family, so you can feel confident in your food choices.

We also think about food insecurity and don’t think anyone should be without food. We make donations in our community and hope you will do the same in yours. In the end, everyone should have access to healthy, nutrient dense food and clean water. We will do our part to be good stewards of the land and raise healthy animals because it matters.

Located about 30 miles from the North Coast Food Web.
We never use sub-therapeutic antibiotics, hormones, growth promoters or unnecessary drugs. Our animals are raised on pasture and fed supplemental grains, from the PNW, and don't contain soy or corn. We use rotational pasturing practices, first with our 13 goats to clear the brush and tall grasses, and then our pigs follow along enjoying the lower grasses and clovers.