Terms of Service

Each order you place is a legally enforceable contract. If you fail to pickup your order, you are still obligated to pay for your order. Orders will be held for 72 hours at the Food Web. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange special pick-up with Food Web staff. If no special arrangements for pick-up have been made within 7 days of the original pick-up date, the order items will be donated.

We will inspect and pack all orders prior to distribution. In the event that product gets damaged during packing or is left out of your order, we will provide a store credit.

We vet all vendors for appropriate food licensing, regulations, and safety. However, ultimately food safety is the responsibility of each vendor and North Coast Food Web cannot be held liable for harm caused by products sold through this marketplace. North Coast Food Web is responsible for handling and storing food in a safe manner and in accordance with all relevant guidelines.

Deposit return policy. Bottles and jars purchased through our site are subject to fee as specified during the product purchase. Please return these completely clean and labelled with your name to receive your deposit back on your account. 

General Customer FAQ

What is the Customer Packing Fee? We are testing an optional tip system as replacement for the 5% customer packing fee. If you are able, please add a tip to contribute to the operating costs of our market. Thank you!

A new customer fee is included in your order as a 5% markup on all products (excluding donations). Please read this letter from NCFW board and staff about the decision to add a customer fee. If you are paying with SNAP/EBT, you should NOT see this markup. If you do not have SNAP benefits, but need help paying for groceries, please apply for a fee waiver.

Can I change my order?
You can change any aspect of your order (products, quantities, payment method, etc.) from your shopping cart up until the order window closes. The "Resend Confirmation" button will send you an updated email confirmation. Confirmed orders are finalized when the order window closes. Your final confirmed order is an agreement to pick up and pay for your items - they are prepared, harvested, delivered to the Food Web, and packed just for you! 

How do I pay? 
To change or update payment, select "Update Payment Information" on the lefthand side of your shopping cart. Or click on your profile in the top right corner of the screen and head to "Account Activity" where you can permanently update your payment preferences. 

Credit and debit cards will be charged Thursday morning. Your order total may change if producers are not able to deliver them to us or if you had a product priced by weight. 

How does pick-up work?
Arrive at North Coast Food Web in Astoria (577 18th St.), brightly colored building, between 3pm and 7pm on Thursday. If you cannot make this window of time, please just email us ( or call our office 503-468-0921 as soon as possible and we will arrange for pick-up. Walk or drive up to the tent outside of our door and let our volunteer know the name on your order. We will fetch it for you and accept payment as necessary. See delivery info below! 

I have a question about my order. What do I do?
Email ( or call us (503-468-0921) with your question. Please note: we are a small staff working in a small office during COVID, so please try to reach out to us before 5pm on Tuesday with order questions. We would love to help you!

My order total changed Thursday morning. What happened? 
You either ordered a product priced by exact weight (total can fluctuate up or down), or one or more of your items was not delivered to us by the vendor or was otherwise damaged (total will decrease). 

I picked up my order and an item was missing, or was in unsatisfactory condition. What do I do? 
Please let us know as soon as possible. If you can take a photo of unsatisfactory items, please do so that we can verify the condition. We want to make sure you received what you paid for in good condition.

Delivery FAQ 

Delivery program has been suspended starting February 2022 and potentially relaunched later in the year

Order local food from Small Farms Market Day (a collection of 35+ vendors) and have your order delivered to you.

Where can you deliver? 
We can deliver your order to the following towns: Astoria, Gearhart, Warrenton, Hammond, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Nehalem, Chinook, Ilwaco, Seaview, and Long Beach. 

We also have a pick-up site in Seaview, WA for Friday 4-6pm pick-ups. (

When can I order? 
Each week Sunday 9am - Tuesday 11:59 pm.

When will I get my order? 
Orders are delivered Friday 11am-6pm, depending on your location. Delivery communications will be texted to you by our delivery driver on Friday. If you don’t plan to be home you can leave a cooler out for cold items. (If so, add cooler location to your order notes.)

What is the delivery fee? 
Delivery is $10 for home delivery, and $3.50 for pick-up sites. Fees waived for low-income or SNAP customers. (Find our fee waiver application here.)

How do I pay for my delivery order? 
We can accept credit/debit online and SNAP EBT for delivery orders. If you need to pay cash/check please let us know. 

How will I know that my products have been delivered? 
Your address and phone number will be used by the delivery team for the purpose of delivering your order and contacting you about your order only. Our delivery driver has a program that will text you updates with time estimates and to verify delivery drop-off. 

How do I place an order? 

  1. Register as a customer if you haven't shopped with us before. Enter your delivery address when you register. Payment Preferences should be set up for Card or SNAP EBT payment. If you have an account, skip to #3 below!

  2. Log in to the Small Farms Market Day site.

  3. When you sign in and see the "Overview" page, under "Shopping For:" choose "Friday Home Delivery" or "Friday Seaview Pick Up Site" (You can find the Overview page by clicking on the person icon in the top right corner).

  4. Add items to your cart, then confirm to reserve and complete the order. You can edit your order until Tuesday at midnight.
    Include in your order notes, or send us an email ( with the following information:

If we don't hear from you, we'll call or email to verify your information.

Assistance Programs FAQ

How to use SNAP EBT, Double Up Food Bucks, FDNP/ Farm Direct $4 Checks 

FDNP / Farm Direct $4 Checks 

  1. Put items in your cart. You can use a Farm Direct check for each $4 amount of fresh produce ordered. Remaining balance can be paid with cash, check, card, or SNAP EBT.

    TIP! From the products page, sort by Attributes for “FDNP eligible” to see only fresh produce that can be purchased with a Farm Direct / FDNP check.

  2. Change payment method to FDNP when confirming your order (Review & Confirm Order → Update Payment Information) OR add an Order Note that you would like to use an FDNP check. 

  3. Confirm your order. (We will be in touch via email with any questions.)

  4. Bring your FDNP checks and alternative payment method with you to pick-up on Thursdays. At this time, FDNP checks cannot be used for home delivery orders. 

SNAP / EBT (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

Oregon Trail Card

We accept SNAP EBT (also known as food stamps), which can be used to pay for food or plant starts that grow food. 

When you register as a customer, please choose SNAP as your preferred payment method. You can split the final payment and also pay by cash, card, or check (please include these details in your order notes if possible. 

Search SNAP eligible items by going to the sidebar on the left of the Products menu, and clicking "SNAP eligible" under Attributes. 

Once you put items in your cart, your cart will show a "SNAP eligible" total at the bottom. Any difference between the total and SNAP eligible total should be paid with another form of payment when you arrive to pick up your order. 

To pay, bring your card with you to pick-up. We will swipe your card and ask for your PIN. The cardholder should be present.