Black Food Sovereignty Coalition, solidarity payment

Black Food Sovereignty Coalition, solidarity payment
Black Food Sovereignty Coalition, solidarity payment
Black Food Sovereignty Coalition
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This is a solidarity payment to Black Food Sovereignty Coalition (BFSC). North Coast Food Web sees the urgent need to support black, indigenous, and people of color farmers. We understand that centuries of systemic racism has removed, disenfranchised, robbed, and excluded black, indigenous, and people of color farmers and their food traditions.

-- What is BFSC?
BFSC serves as a collaboration hub for Black and Brown communities to confront the systemic barriers that make food, place, and economic opportunities inaccessible to us. Built on a decade of work of founding members of the Black Food Sovereignty Council and other Black-identified leaders and stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest, the BFSC mission is to ignite Black and brown communities to participate as owners and movement leaders within food systems, placemaking, and economic development.

-- What is a payment in solidarity?
In our common language, this is a donation. The word donation puts focus on the goodwill of the "giver" who is helping a "less fortunate" recipient with a small one-time payment. However, we know that these payments do not address root causes of of inequality and racial injustice. "Solidarity" expresses agreement and support for a movement or cause.

-- What is Food Sovereignty?
“Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems."

-- Why am I charged more than $5 for a $5 payment to BFSC?
We have a 3% charge to customers on every product to cover the credit card transaction fees paid by North Coast Food Web. The Food Web is charged MORE than 3% on all transactions to run cards. Our current estimate is that we are charged between 5-8% to run your card.
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