Genesis Chocolates
Contact: Genesis Cordova, Lachlan Sforcina
Address: 577 18th st Astoria, OR, 97103
Email Address:
Phone: 202-341-6536
About Us
One Christmas day in Bend, Oregon Lachlan first tried Genesis' home made chocolate truffles. His jaw dropped and a smile that touched his ears followed as the first of the best chocolates of his life were tasted. Bourbon chocolate truffles, hazelnut and white chocolate macadamia were all the answers he gave when Genesis asked him what his favourite flavors were. Little did he know he would have them hand crafted for him. Lachlan was eager to share this ecstasy with the world asked Genesis to join him in a mission to give those ear to ear grins to all. Together Genesis and Lachlan plan to give world class chocolate to the world. We hope we can make you grin that chocolate smile ear to ear too.